Blood Oath Pact No. 3


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Blood Oath Bourbon Pact No. 3 is Rempe’s latest creation, and is the newest release in the renowned and highly sought-after Blood Oath series. “a fateful affair between Kentucky and California,” Blood Oath Bourbon Pact No. 3 is blended from three phenomenal whiskies: a spirited, 7 year old bourbon finished in cabernet sauvignon casks from California; and an incredibly smooth blend of 7 and 12 year old bourbons that provide a unique base that works very well with the, now signature, wine-finish trend. This well aged bourbon blend is bottled at 98.6 proof, like its predecessors, and just like its predecessors, the visual presentation of the product is ‘on par’ with the quality of this Whiskey.

Blood Oath Bourbon Pact No. 3 has a very dark, amber color and an aroma of vanilla, caramel, stone fruit, cocoa and oak. The palate is sweet and spicy, with notes of vanilla caramel and apricots, and leads to an unforgettably smooth finish marked by a slightly spicier finish which does not affect the incredible smoothness of this high-proof masterpiece.


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