Colonel E.H. Taylor Warehouse C Tornado Surviving


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This offering is from a selection of 93 special casks that were housed in Buffalo Trace Distillery’s landmark Warehouse C. Struck by a massive tornado in April of 2006, the warehouse’s nearly 24,000 barrels were left exposed to the natural elements. Buffalo Trace decided to bottle these barrels separately, as the sweltering Kentucky heat had accelerated the aging process, creating a distinct flavor.
E.H. Taylor, Jr. was a visionary in the whiskey world with a mind for distilling that was years ahead of its time. He founded a world class Distillery, made advancements to the industry, and fought for the purity and legitimacy of bourbon gaining him the title of the “Father of the Modern Bourbon Industry.”
Taylor is celebrated for the countless innovations he contributed to the bourbon industry in his time. His first involvement in the industry came as a banker, aiding in the organization and financing of several distilleries. Through his experience as a banker, Taylor became personally acquainted with several prominent whiskey makers. Taylor’s 1869 purchase of a small Leestown distillery that he christened O.F.C. was his first foray into distilling, making an immediate mark on the industry by modernizing, expanding and upgrading the plant. Among his innovations were copper fermentation tanks, state-of-the-art grain equipment, column stills, modernized buildings, a more efficient sour mash technique and a first-of-its-kind steam heating system still used in the barrel warehouses today.


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